Carolina Paula
Designer | Illustrator | Textile Artist


KnowMe is an iOS app seeking to make video creation easy, fun and accessible. Since its release in January of 2016, our team has explored, refined, and tested the existing product as well as new features in an attempt to create the best user experience possible.


The Before (v1)

KM2 Copy.png

Upon testing our product, we discovered several pain points for the user: the Creation screen was overloaded with icons and interactions which were not intuitive, they felt overwhelmed and confused about what to do once they landed on the Create screen, and there was very little clarity as to what the value of the product was to the user. 


The After (v2)

KM3 Copy.png

Our internal team worked on improving the user experience via exploration, prototyping and testing. Based on data collected during internal and user testing, we simplified the Creation screen to allow users to focus on the creation experience. We addressed confusing UX and clunky UI. User feedback was positive and metrics showed signs of increased user engagement. 



Screens shown: Edit, Talk over Media (Create), Web Search, User Profile



Creating with multiple assets

Using native video audio

Saving drafts


For more information on KnowMe's product stages, visit here.


Pre-launch KnowMe website 

Input area aimed at capturing emails and building interest


KnowMe Website


Seeking to increase conversion rates, lower site bounce rates, and increase traffic to our App Store we redesigned our homepage. The new design placed our CTA front and center along with our Value Prop, changing the imagery to a lighter, more creative and younger feel, getting rid of the (auto-playing) video, and deemphasizing our social media callouts. 


SmartBoots allows hikers and outdoor enthusiasts to confidently hit the trailhead knowing what conditions to expect. It eliminates the need for guessing, making packing for a hike easier than ever. Currently, there are limited ways in which campers and hikers can assess real-time trail conditions before packing their bags, getting dressed, or leaving their home. SmartBoots seeks to resolve that problem.


Competitive Analysis

Product Management.jpg

User flow


Interview Notes & Sketches



Onboarding wireframes


Trail Screen: Before (left) and After (right). The initial mockups were trying to make this product everything for everyone. I decided to pull back and focus on the core goal: share real-time conditions and packing recommendations. Nothing more, nothing less.


Trail Screen: Annotations